Brand Spotlight- Close Pop-In Bamboo!

I have been looking to do some spotlight posts on the fantastic nappies that Piggy Tails stocks and as Close are about to release a beautiful new range of prints, they are the perfect place to start!

The Close Pop In nappies are an All-in-Two nappy. This means that they have a water proof outer shell (complete with gorgeous pattern) with double gusseted legs to help prevent leaks. An insert and booster are then clipped into the liner to create absorbent layers in the nappy. The liners are made of bamboo making them extra absorbent and super quick to dry after washing. The clips on the front of nappy allow you to size the nappy perfectly to your baby and will last you right through to toilet training.

The inserts are easy to fit and the nappy themselves fit much like disposables for ease of use. You can add the extra absorbent night boosters to help get your Bub through the night in comfort.

Close also have a fabulous range of training pants and swim pants.  The swim pants are particularly popular- they are a sized pull ons that create a seal around the waist and legs.

You might be familiar with the robot, lion, hippo and Russian doll patterns that Close released a few years ago but now they are about to release a new range of patterns and they are just adorable! Don’t you agree? They will be in stock soon!



Training Pants- making toilet training a little easier!

Recently I had a customer asking about different toilet training pant options- you’ll be pleased to know there are options out there to help with the process and maybe save your floors!

Training pants are generally designed to look and feel like undies but with some absorbent layers to soak up accidents. The pants will still help your toddler feel damp to help them on the training journey but their absorbent layer helps stop floors or car seats from getting wet. Training pants are not as absorbent as nappies but certainly help, some also allow for additional boosters to be added- very handy for naps or long car trips!

Super Undies and Close have sized training pant options with cute colours and patterns that look very similar to undies. Tots Bots and Grovia offer training pants that can be altered to fit your child and can offer easy removal if needed. The Grovia MyChoice trainers come with removable side panels to allow the trainers to fit a child up to 25kg.


Cloth Nappy Party anyone?

So I know it doesn’t sound like a raging Saturday night but it could still be fun- I promise! When deciding on cloth nappies, sometimes it really helps to see the nappies in real life. Having the chance to look at how the nappies works and to feel the fabrics can make a big difference in your decision making process.

We do try and get to local markets with our products but those times don’t suit everyone. Enter the Cloth Nappy Party!

Maybe you’re planning a Baby Shower, or you and a few friends are having babies at the same time and are interested in cloth nappies, or maybe your antenatal or mums’ group is keen to find out more about cloth nappies- then a cloth nappy demo party could fit the bill!

Depending on what you would like to see, we can cater demonstrations and displays to suit you and your group. We would bring along a range of nappies, demonstrate how the are used, give you the opportunity to ask questions and look at the products. There will also be the opportunity to make orders and make some great savings!

To begin with, the parties will be offered in the Toowoomba and surrounding areas. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at !


You have a favourite nappy, then what?

If you’re anything like me when deciding on which cloth nappy to use, you’ve looked up your options, maybe had the chance to look at some at a market stall and perhaps even tried out a couple. Generally when choosing to invest in cloth nappies, it’s not a quick spontaneous decision! But once you’ve decided on what type of nappy you want to use, what do you do next?

The bonus of Piggy Tails is that you have a number of suppliers to choose from rather than just one type of nappy. This gives you the freedom to choose the nappy that is perfect for you! Each supplier then offers fantastic bulk value packs that allow you to get the nappies you need at a cheaper rate than if you were to buy them on their own. Quite often they throw in some added extras such as wetbags, wipes or liners! The packs come in different sizes to best suit how you plan to use cloth nappies.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the size of your pack:

  •  You will need enough nappies for at least six changes a day. For example that might be 6 AIO nappies, or 3 or 4 covers and 6 inserts a day.
  • You’ll need additional nappies and inserts or night nappies if you plan to use cloth overnight
  • You need to consider how often you plan to wash to ensure you have enough to last between washes. I quite quickly got into the habit of washing every night which meant I always had nappies on hand. But whatever works for you!
  • Your budget will obviously be your biggest consideration!

Depending on your budget and pack size, you can spend anywhere between $200 and $700 dollars. That outlay can seem a little daunting, which is why research before hand is very important! Also consider this, while the initial outlay may seem daunting, compared to the $3000 you’ll spend over the 2-3 years on disposables while your child will be in nappies, in the long run cloth nappies are definitely kinder on the hip pocket!

Here are some examples of the type of bulk value packs on offer-

Close Pop-In Bamboo Nappies are a fabulous All in Two nappy where you snap the bamboo liner into the very cute water proof cover. Close offer 3 pack sizes.



Little Box – this pack gives you 5 complete nappies plus a nighttime booster

Medium Box– this pack gives you 10 complete nappies, 3 nighttime boosters, a wet bag and a roll of 80 liners

Big Box– this pack gives you 20 complete nappies, 6 night time time boosters, a medium wet bag and a pack of 160 liners

Depending on the style of nappy you like, there are a variety of pack available. There are packs for AIO (All in One) nappies, AI2 (All in Two) Nappies, Pocket Nappies, Covers and Inserts.

If you are keen to order a pack, just email us at and we can help you choose! We are able to order directly from the supplier, so even if there is a particular style or print you’d like but we don’t currently have it in stock, we can order it without delay. Generally once you’ve ordered a bulk pack, it will be with you within 3-5 days!


Having a swimmingly good time!


Summer seems to holding on for all its worth this year, so if nothing else there is still plenty of time left for a cooling dip in the pool! Or maybe your little person has started swimming lessons?

Instead of using disposable swim nappies (which can become pricey after a while!) have you thought about using a reusable swim nappy?

Like the modern cloth nappies, swim nappies come in variety of adorable prints which can be mixed and matched with rashies- no need to hide these beauties!

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are multi fit or sized swim nappies that can be pulled on or fastened with snaps and Velcro. They are definitely worth a look!

Cuddles and stories


Time for something non nappy related! Story time.

This is one of my favourite times of the day (not just because it means that it’s bedtime for little people). I read to my daughter every night. She chooses the book which means that sometimes we read the same book for many, many, many nights in a row… But that’s ok- I get to try and test the mummy brain and try to read the book without looking!

One of my most treasured memories is of my mum reading to me as a child. I can’t wait to read The Magic Faraway Tree to my girl one day. About the only thing I said I would absolutely do once I was a mum, was read to my children. I’ve stuck to it. I now love seeing my daughter read stories to her teddies.

If you have the time, you should definitely check out this TED talk- he talks about the wonder that children have about the world around them. It is  wonderful!




Where to Start?

Talking to parents-to-be or new parents keen to use cloth nappies, the biggest challenge is what to choose? There are so many different varieties of modern cloth nappies!

No longer are we stuck with only the terry towelling square, some vicious pins and a set of pilchers like the days of old! No, now there are All in Ones, All in Two, Pocket Nappies, Prefold, Flats, Covers… and the list goes on and they are all so cute and they all have their good points and, and, and argh!

Having choice is a wonderful thing until it comes to the point where you actually have to decide on the nappy that is right for you.. eek now that is the hard part!

What am I actually talking about with all of these nappies? To give you some idea of the types of nappies:

An All in One nappy comes with a waterproof outer shell and absorbent liner sewn in the nappy.

An All in Two comes with a water proof outer shell and an absorbent liner that snaps into the nappy.

A Pocket Nappy has a water proof liner with a pocket at the back to insert absorbent liners and soakers

A Prefold or Flat are soft absorbent squares that can be folded and placed in cover or secured like an older style nappy. Adding the cover allows the nappy to be waterproof.

You can find more info here on the types of nappies available.

What if you could try out a few before making the final decision and buying in bulk? Piggy Tails has the solution!

We have a Mini Experiment Pack that allows you to choose any three nappies for $80– this saves you about 25% than if you bought them separately. Maybe you could try an All in One, an All in Two and a pocket nappy and insert? Or how about a couple of different brands of an All in One?

If you’d like a few more options, why not try the Medium Experiment Pack which allows you to choose any five nappies for the $120 (again that saves you 25% than if you bought them separately!). You could try a swim nappy and night nappy as well!

Trying out some nappies will help you to decide what you like before you make the final commitment – in the long run it could save you money and heartache!

Email me at contactus@piggytails, if you’d like some more information.